Since formation in 2007 we have held National Conferences annually and provided information, new technology, new research and examples of excellence to the general public, professional, trade, commercial, academic and government sectors across Australasia.

Since 2008 we have represented as the Australian Board Member for the World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) promoting our industry to the global stage and participating as ambassadors for the incorporation of green infrastructure systems into urban development, internationally.

Our members have consistently presented at international & national conferences & seminars; established associations with AIA, AILA, NGIA, LCA, Universities, Gov't Departments, Local Councils & Capital City administrations both here and abroad & hosting the World Green Infrastructure Congress for Sydney in 2014. 

Sidonie Carpenter (past president 2009-11, provided CPD training over 3 years; spoke at many international & national conferences, community seminars and helped establish valued support from AILA, AIA, Melborne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane City Councils. Sidonie has now retired from GRA and continues her work as a landscape architect in Brisbane & beyond.. 

Ana Carneiro Napoli (2015 - present) is an environmental lawyer working for the EDO, Macquarie Uni and GRA as a legislation advocate.

Indeed all our Executives, past and present have played significant advocacy roles nationally $ in NZ.

In 2024 - 25 GRA sees itself partnering with the wider community on both a professional and social level. Since formation GRA has included the community at a social level by giving lectures at green conferences and speaking events, hence improving the awareness about the vital role, green infrastructure contributes to urban design, regeneration and future planning. Matthew Dillon , current president has established global contacts through WGIN since 2010 and represented GRA at world congresses consistently.


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