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Fytogreen is a multi-award-winning innovator of green infrastructure solutions and Australia’s leading specialist in roof gardens, green walls, planter boxes and elevated greening.

We help government bodies, architects, landscape architects, developers, design managers and owners deliver resilient living architecture solutions that reconnect urban living with the restorative natural world.

Fytogreen is a full-service green infrastructure specialist that’s been developing sustainable greening solutions since 2002. We lead the way in an industry where nature and technology meet.

Supplying more than 900,000m2 of greening across Australia, we have the horticultural knowledge, research focus and technical smarts to grow in every ecosystem and deliver on any scale.
From the largest roof garden in the southern hemisphere , (LINK TO https://fytogreen.com.au/victorian-desalination-plant/) to Australia’s first indoor urban forest ( LINK TO https://fytogreen.com. au/paragon-apartments-indoor-urban-forest/ ) and living walls that add valuable appeal to residential homes, we have what it takes to transform even the most challenging environments into a vibrant and flourishing oasis of green

Highly specialised, technically sophisticated, capable and confident with large scale projects

Fytogreen are proactive and take a holistic approach, committed to solutions that are consistent with the design intent. Where challenges arise, which they inevitably do with living ecosystems, they focus on finding a solution.

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Testamonial  - Wayne Sanderson, Regional Director Australia & New Zealand, Inhabit Group

“ Geoff  Heard is very personable, willing to share his knowledge and expertise, and the whole team clearly care about what they do. Fytogreen consistently met or exceeded our expec-tations. They were great to work with and the built outcomes are quite outstanding and continue to flourish as they mature.”


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