Membership Benefits

Do you want to connect with this expanding market?

Green Roofs Australasia (GRA) has reached over 600,000 through GRA channels including our website, our National Conferences, advocacy, media interviews, representation at International conferences, webinars and as the industry peak body in Australasia.

By advertising with the GRA, you will reach an audience who are highly professional and engaged throughout the green building  industry requiring specific services ranging from arborists to urban designers.  The demand for green architecture has increased sharply since 2010 which has created a demand for existing professions to deliver green roofs & walls. Our intention is to provide a 'One Stop" site for everything associated with green roofs & walls in Australasia. As we grow so does your company.

The GRA network is comprised of :

  • Architects & Landscape Architects
  • Engineers
  • Building Trades & Interior Design
  • Manufacturer / Supplier
  • Contractor / Builder / Project Manager
  • Building Owner / Developer
  • Energy / ESD Consultant
  • Professional Services / Consultants
  • Construction Companies
  • Local, State & Federal Government
  • National Research Institutions
  • Educational Institutions / Academics / Students

The GRA audience:

  • needs information on green infrastructure;
  • needs to be informed about this rapidly expanding niche industry in Australia;
  • needs to be informed about the latest technology;
  • needs access to national & international research;
  • needs to know about new projects;
  • needs access to our specific green infrastructure business directory.
  • needs to collaborate with other disciplines 

Advertising opportunities include:

  • National Conference
    Our annual national conference provides advertising and sponsorship opportunities to delegates, media and through our official website 
  • International Congress
    GRA participates at International conferences & congresses regularly and can provide opportunities for world exposure.
  • Website
    The GRA website has reached over 600,000 users since 2007 and can provide packages to suit your advertising budget.
  • Newsletter
    The GRA newsletter will inform members about your company, projects or products.
  • Business Directory
    Join our directory to inform our audience about your service or supplies which is free for all members.
  • Project Data Base
    Provide projects which informs and exemplifies your green infrastructure design, products and expertise.
  • GRA Social Media
    Connect, post and blog with your new family.

To advertise your company, products and services please  contact us