REMINDER GRA 2014 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - 10:30am - 12:00pm, 08 November 2014


University of Technology Sydney; Building B Level 3 Room 29; Quay Street, Ultimo 10:30am - 12:00pm, 08 November 2014


(a) The Annual General Meeting of Green Roofs Australasia Ltd shall be held at the University of Technology Sydney; Building B Level 3 Room 29; Quay Street, Ultimo.

Cyber stream conferencing will be available through internet technology subject to members providing their intention to join using internet 7 days prior to the AGM date, 10:30 - 12:00pm on Saturday, 08 November 2014. Internet conferencing will be subject to connection provided by the University of Technology Sydney.

AGM Location: Refer UTS Map.

A floor plan for your reference is attached. The first map is the whole of level 3 of the Haymarket building with the AGM room highlighted in yellow, the stairs in orange and the lifts in green, the second is a close up of block B with the same highlighted colours.

A landmark for the Building is the Clock Tower at the corner of Ultimo Rd & Quay Street, Ultimo. Entry to Building B is approx. 20 meters down from the corner.

The best way to get to the room is to walk into Haymarket through the Block B entrance and as you, first walk in on your left is a lift, take the lift up to level 3 and the AGM room is just around to the left.

SKYPE group sign in will be from 'matt.dillon55' @ 10:30AM (Sydney Time)

This address will need to be added to your Contacts List and you will need to be online at

10.20am on the 8th November. Wait to be rung for your connection to become active. Do not ring first as you will need to be invited to join.

Please ensure that you have the latest 'free' download software for SKYPE.

If you intend joining the AGM by SKYPE then you will need to provide your Skype address to

This should be sent by Tuesday 2nd November 2014.

(b) The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include the presentation of the 2013-14 financial statements of account and the report of the Directors of the transactions of the past year, the election of Directors members and such other business as is placed on the agenda by the Directors.

Find all the GRA Information including Nomination and Proxy forms here.

Warm Regards,
Matthew Dillon
GRA President