Seasons Green Greetings


Santa landing his sled on a cool verdant green roof & being envigorated during his stressful schedule by the biophilic design of the living thriving plant community.

The reindeers grazing upon lush grasses and drinking recycled grey water from a wetland pond while Santa places his presents under the decorated Tuckeroo tree glistening with solar powered lights.

With Santa's work completed, the children awake on Xmas morning to head up to their safe green roof playground to be greeted by the thriving natural ecosystem of birds, butterflies, Aussie stingless wild bees, a bloom of colour, scents and biophilic wonder to blissfully unwrap their presents under the Tuckeroo tree.

Join us in 2017 to save Santa from having to climb down polluted, black, carbon coated chimneys and the reindeers from slipping on ugly tiled rooftops..

Wishing all our members, sponsors and supporters a happy, safe, green Xmas Season.